Family Friendly Staycation Ideas for Seda Hotels
Family Friendly Staycation Ideas for Seda Hotels
Family Friendly Staycation Ideas for Seda Hotels
Seda Hotels
27 July 2023

Planning for the best staycation ever? You can do so by checking into a city hotel in the Philippines. Staycation hotels, such as Seda hotels, have so much to offer. Learn how to make a staycation special for you and your family with these fun and relaxing hotel staycation ideas for families.

Plan a Movie Night

Start your staycation activities with a movie night. This low-cost family staycation idea only requires your taste and love of movies! Gather the family for a meeting and choose a movie that the whole family will enjoy. The sky’s the limit when choosing which film to watch. If you have kids, just make sure the movie is kid-appropriate so everyone can have fun. Can’t decide which movies to watch? You can make choosing more exciting by writing down a list of movies and randomly drawing one.

Movie nights can also become even more enjoyable with a theme. For example, you and your family can binge-watch movie franchises like Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Go all out with the theme: make themed snacks, decorate the house, and put on some costumes. Whatever you decide, a family movie night will be a hit!

Dine Out at a Restaurant 

Make a special staycation by treating yourself and your family to a grand meal at a restaurant. For instance, consider dining at Misto restaurant, an all-day dining experience that offers a mix of international and Filipino cuisine. With a cozy and upscale vibe, everyone will surely have a relaxing day in the restaurant. 

Go for a Swim

Modern amenities like swimming pools are something we take great delight in at our hotel. Hence, take your family swimming at Seda's top-notch pools! Everyone can swim in the hotel’s relaxing pools and enjoy the cityscapes. With the hotel's kiddie pools, children can safely play in the waters. Water features and pool chairs are also available, so you and your family can fully enjoy a family-friendly staycation.

Stay Fit at the Gym 

Who says you can’t exercise during a family vacation? At Seda, parents can still have time for fitness with the hotel’s state-of-the-art gyms. The gym is the ideal place to work out before or after a long day with your kids. The area also includes high-quality equipment perfect for body conditioning, stretching, and other fitness routines.

Throw a Family Game Night

Throwing a family game night will be twice the fun if everyone in the family is involved. Decide on some board games that everyone can take part in and have fun with. Test out a few alternative options or host a tournament to crown a victor. You can play card and board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens, Uno, and Guess Who. This family staycation idea can be more exciting when you decide on a theme. Choose a theme as a group, and get everyone involved in setting up the design and prepping the refreshments.

Design a Treasure Hunt for Your Children

Create a detailed treasure hunt for your children. They'll have a great time with the challenge, and you'll appreciate the quiet time as adults. Be as creative as you want. Plan a treasure hunt around your hotel room by hiding letters or words, taking pictures of random objects around the house, or making a list of things to find. You could make it an extreme treasure hunt by giving them hints and having them solve puzzles to see the final prize. After the game, prepare meals for them and talk about how much they’ve enjoyed the hunt!

Make Your Family-Friendly Staycation Ideas a Reality at Seda Hotels 

Family staycation ideas are worth the fun when planned accordingly. What are you waiting for? Plan the perfect staycation for your family at Seda Hotels. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, a peaceful day with the family, or a combination of the two, Seda will be your go-to staycation place. 

Prepare to make your family staycation ideas come true! Visit for bookings and reservations.

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